Each website starts with a consultation, what are the clients expectations – what is the target audience. Our creative web design begins with a thorough research and analysis of your mission, target audience, and your competitors. Mr Easter then designs around the purpose and content of your site, offering the custom web design touch that provides credibility and most importantly meets your needs.

Forsman relaunch

The redesign and relaunch of the Forsman website – all photography by Mr Easter – Design and Programming by Mr Easter – Art Direction by the talented Mr Lynch.

When asked to make a relaunch of the existing website – we turned to our favourite CMS – Typo3. It was in the middle of a campaign to promote the latest single “Stranger come around” (which you can download for free here). We were limited because there was an existing design with the black background, but we managed to incorporate a fanclub and a download service for the Single on jeux casino en ligne. Adrian is very very happy with result.

Magazine Website

We created everything on this website from scratch. It was of cause done in Typo3, and reflected the design of the Magazine. Competitions, Giveaways, Videos and Daily News – it is all there