Got a monster project mountain that needs to be climbed? or have to employ extra workers to do tedious tasks that take hours and days? Mr Easter has been invited into agencies to analyze projects and solve how that workload can be climded, effectively and efficiently, saving vast amounts of manhours which can be put to better uses – saving time and money! Working for some of the worlds largest agencies such as MRM Worldwide Frankfurt and MRM London, Springer&Jacoby Hamburg,  Springer&Jacoby London and Sothebye’s. His tailormade workflow programmes have resulted  in dramatic timesavings of more than 70%. If the programmes below can’t help your particular problem, don’t hesitate to contact us! What ever the problem is, Mr Easter faces it with a smile!

Why do you need NewMediaManager 4.6?:

When Corporates who has a large and extensive Webpresence need to regularly update their website with Text and Images, it becomes a huge Task for the Advertising Agency and the Client themselves to manage all this.
The Text is not really a Problem, it is usually taken care of and managed via a CMS.
Where the real fun begins, is when it comes to all the images which gives the websites their look and feel and also must be informative and correct.
For a website for a large car manaufacturer we are talking about thousands of individual images, which all must be made to a given size, come from the correct original image, and must be named according to a strict standards so that we can easily identify them.

It really starts to get interesting if all the images mostly are based on already existing imagery from a Printed Catalogue, the dimensions used typically on the web are very wide and not so high, often they act as appetisers to get the potential customer viewing the content to click further and deaper into the website. This is an inherent problem and is not easy to foresee in the planing stage of a website where the images from the printed catalogue probably are not ready yet.

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We have developed a Production System which interacts between a Database, Excel Spreadsheets, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Expression Media.
What if you could take all that wonderful information we have from the Website planning team, who carefully entered all the information into an Excell Spreadsheet and Import all this into a database so we could play around with the Data and get different views into the information and the tasks we have to perform before we are able to deliver the images needed.

This is exactly what New Media Manager 4.6 does.
It changes the task of producing thousands of images from being a logistical nightmare into a creative taks which is solved with intelligent software, and effectively minimizes the time needed by up to 90%.!!!
Using NewMediaManager 4.6 we produced 400 “Wallpapers” inclusive complex Photoshop overlays in a timeframe averaging less than 1 (one) Minute per wallpaper!!!!, a task that would normally have taken Days to accomplish.

We have tried to implement as many and as flexible Tools as you need to be able to comfortably and quickly manage the Tasks, using our extensive experience working on eMB (the reference website for Daimler) and have ended up with the System you see here, tailormade for MRM Worldwide GmbH. Please see our testemonials section

Based on the Experience gained from GDST 1

casino en ligneMr Easter sat down and imagined that it was his own job to go to work every week and face the task of producing 200-300 adverts before friday… He drew upon his vast experience having been responsible for adapting all the Tabloid insertions worldwide for DaimlerChrysler while working at Springer&Jacoby London. Here it had been neccessary to tailormake every advert to the required ICC Profile of the individual Newspapers around the world. Address Lists, Specifik booking requirements, the individual sizes possible for all newspapers in Germany, delivery methods etc etc, so many things to keep in mind. Which Version of the Advert has been booked? This was all done manually! The obvious answer was that all this information needed to be put into a Database. Which Adverts are almost the same size? can we reuse one we did earlier? Have we produced them all? How do we print them all so they can be checked? Have all the effects like drop-shadows also been scaled correctly in InDesign?GDST3 and GDST4 intelligently answers these questions.

From a booking list for a given week, it checks against the data required for all the Newspapers in Germany, and creates a folder structure on the Mac, whereby it becomes easy to overview what has been done. It the goes on to answer the question: how many masters are required to deliver all 300 Adverts. Having found the answer – 15 Masters perhaps it goes on to scale and adapt each individual Advert, resizing all images and InDesign effects. Then it can automatically print all the Adverts for sign-off, and when this has happende it can create Final Artwork – PDFs from every Ad. The manhours potentially saved by this program are extreme. It has the potential to reduce the staff required from 8 to 1-2 people working on this every week.Over the duration of a year the savings are potentially extreme!

BannerDirector 3

Use your favourite design tool – Adobe InDesign to create your animated banners for the web. No longer do you have to use a combination of other tools to create, test and redo the banners.

Theory . . .

It would be a huge advantage when the designing of the banner and the production and test of the banner could happen in ONE step.

. . . and in Praxis

Almost every designer can work with InDesign, because with this tool you can very quickly add text and images to your desgn. Imagine that you create a bannerdesign, then you use our tool to create the individual animation frames. then it exports and optimizes the banners for different compression rates – and allows a quick preview. Now you can see if your design fulfills the strict size requirements even before you present it to the client. This tool potentially saves extreme manhours!

iScaleIt was developed

to solve the problem of how to optimize all the images used in the car catalogues for Mercedes-Benz, the main client at Springer&Jacoby London. Because all images were retouched and worked upon for weeks, at a size where they could also be used for posters – it became neccessary to scale them down to the size they were used in – in the car catalogues. If not then the quality suffered – Acrobat is not as good as Photoshop at scaling. Therefore, every image in the InDesign Documents were analyzed for correct ICC Profile usage, and scaled and sharpened at the size it was used. This task would take days manually – these catalogues had more than 100 pages. Mr Easter programmed iScaleit to solve this bottleneck, and now it was possible to optimize all images in 30 minutes instead of days. Lately it has been used to optimize the images used on the tricky Albani beer cans.

Graphic Designers Studio Toolkit 1 – exceptional timesavings when creating National Ad Campaings.

Mr Lynch worked for an agency in Hamburg where they also created the Newspaper Advertisements for the oldest supermarket chains in Germany. At a party Mr Easter got talking to the production manager, and talk fell upon this client and how they struggled to keep up delivering the 200-300 Adverts every week. Mr Easter slept on it and went on to program a solution which could solve their problem. Thus GDST 1 was born, and shaved 50% off the time required!
We did not stop there and have now launched GDST 4 – a database driven Production Workflow – it scales InDesign Documents – all the relevant images and creates final PDF files at the end. It is an intelligent answer to the question of how to optimize a workflow, where many adverts need to be created weekly 52 weeks a year!