MRM Worldwide GmbH:

“New Media Manager enables us to administer the ca. 4000 images which we implement on our european Master-Website. This application was tailormade for our specific workflows and the special needs of the automotive industry. With this Tool it is now possible to optimize and ensure a uniform qualitylevel and nomenclature for all images needed for the entire website. The automation of the manual workflow steps which were very timeconsuming and prone to errors, caused the time needed for the creation of the images – after an implementation phase – to be reduced significantly. Because of the seperation of the Imagedatabase and the process for creating the images, it was only neccessary to train a few people in how to use the tool, thus allowing the creatives to concentrate on their core expertise – chosing the images and deciding on the right crop, visit for jeux casino en ligne more.

Besides creating all the initial images for the website, New Media Manager now makes it very easy for us implement the yearly Model-Upgrades in a few workflow-steps via its Update-Module. The tool automatically searches the database for the old images to be replaced with the updated ones, and automatically creates new versions of the images with exactly the same dimensions and crop from the new images. The timeconsuming searching thru a website for old images and recreating the same crop again from updated versions is now passé.

The exchange of old images with new updated versions – can now be done with the press of a button.”

Adrian says:

“I have been trading in the music industry for over 15 years now and I have to say that this is the first time I have ever been totally satisfied with the outcome, of my photos, website, artwork and overall design! I highly recommend these guys to you for any upcoming projects you may have coming in the near future! It is a breathtaking experience to have such fantastic results on our project in every aspect that they provide!”

Adrian Sullivan – Adrian Music