25 years ago Mr Easter held his first camera in his hands, since then he hasn’t stopped shooting pictures for casino en ligne. Working with his very first Cannon EOS to photophing with the latest HD cameras. He has collected a vast image libery through the years and his photograhy has been used for everything from CD covers, brochures, packaging, concerty and events to classic wedding photograhy.

Sexy Speakers

How do you show the wife that those speakers you want so bad – really are that gorgeous? Mr Easter succeded in conveying the georgeous lines of these marvellous Forsman speakers.

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Albani Live 2011

Working as one of the two photographers who had been asked to Photograph Images for the Albani Live 2011 Campaign, Mr Easter and Mr Lynch went on to an Albani sponsored concert to grab some live shots to be used on the Beer Can, Posters and Ads.