Easter&Lynch design sleek and interesting creative manipulated fashion, beauty, advertising photography, and pack-shot images for advertisements.  Both highly disciplined in creative retouching and image-composing. If its just red eyes you would like removed from a existing image, or need your sun cream product lying on a beach in Malibu their your guy! Useing  multiple photos and elements to create a single composited image. Which would otherwise be to costly to shoot on location…

Getting that wow effect!

For a CD cover design Mr. Lynch was the AD for the photoshoot and retouching in Photoshop. Here are two of his favourite Layouts.

Dragon of a layout

For an animated film about a dragon tamer, we recieved tons of great photos of the charecters. It was importent for us to bring the layout to life in a colourful and inviting style

Magical layouts

Sometimes its hard designing a layout for an article where there are very few images availible at the time of production. In this example it was exactly the case. Because Mr Lynch is an avid fantasy reader himself, he wanted the artwork to express the film as good as possible.

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Bastard of a Layout

This was one of the hottest films at the time of production, and nearly every other magasine had done an article on it. Meaning all the best photos from the film had already been used! And wanting to give the reader something new, Mr Lynch came up with this composing – a homage to 50thies cinema posters.